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The Mystery of a Seed

I once heard a story about a woman who requested that, when she died, for her body to be put inside a concrete tomb with walls ten feet thick so that she could never be resurrected from the dead; so her family carried out her wish.
A tiny little seed from a tree lodged in the soil next to her tomb and soon it began to grow. After a few years, the roots of the tree began to crack the cement and soon her tomb was completely opened up.
Perhaps we don't realize what a tiny little seed can produce and bring forth within the earth, even within our own earthly hearts!
There is evil seed and good seed sown within man's earthly heart. The evil seed comes from the evil one, which is Satan, and the good seed is sown within our hearts by God, since all things that are good come forth from God's Heart of love.
An evil seed, if allowed to grow, will bring forth an evil tree, which will bring forth evil fruit within the earth. A righteous seed, when nurtured and watered by God's Spirit, will bring forth a righteous tree which will produce righteous fruit within the earth.
*Jesus is.....The Tree of Life! He is the Good Seed of God's Heart sown within our hearts!
"Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant. And as a root out of dry ground. He has no form or comeliness. And when we see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him," Isaiah 53: 1,2.
(The dry ground is man's earthly hearts. The selfish nature of our flesh sees no beauty in the unselfish nature of God's Heavenly Seed as He begins to come forth within our hearts and doesn't desire Him growing within it's midst.)
God, in His great love and mercy toward us, stretches forth His Messianic Arm of deliverance and sows the good seed of His Heart within our hearts.
All the mysteries of God's Kingdom on earth are contained within God's Heavenly Seed. Everything that we need to be delivered from sin and death is contained within the Messianic Seed of God's Heart, which He sows within our hearts.
God sows the Messianic Seed of His magnificent Heart within our hearts.
....... In the hope of__
_Redeeming us back to Himself, back to that which awaits us within the beautiful garden of His Magnificent Heart of unselfish love.
...... In the hope of__
_Bestowing within us His Heavenly Nature and Presence!
...... In the hope of__
_Regenerating a new heavenly creation within us, a new you, and a new me, who can love as God loves.
"In your seed all the nations of the world shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice. Genesis22
*Jesus is.............. The ultimate blessing given to the nations through Abraham's seed. He is the greatest gift of God's sacrificial love. God gives the greatest treasure of His heart to us, to become the greatest treasure of our hearts.
All the nations of the earth were to be blessed through Abraham's seed, and this blessing was to be passed down to the nations through Isaac, as God says in Genesis 21:12, "For in Isaac shall thy seed be called." Jesus, being the greatest blessing of all, was to be born within the earth through the lineage of King David. Jesus mother was to be Jewish.
___ Isaac, being a miracle child, conceived and born within the earth by a miraculous act of God's spirit, was the beginning of the earthly promised seed of Abraham, through which all the nations of the earth were to be blessed.
___ Jesus, was also a miracle child, formed within the earth by an act of God's Spirit -- is the beginning of God's heavenly spiritual offspring within the earth.
........"And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, Who shall stand as a banner to the people; For the Gentiles shall seek Him, And His resting place shall be glorious." Isaiah 11:10
* Jesus is.......... Our Ark! He is our link between earthly life and God's Spiritual Heavenly life!
*Jesus is..............The only Incorruptible Seed to be sown in the earth!
The whole earth is full of corruptible seed. Corruptible seed comes forth, grows, brings forth fruit within the earth and fades away.
Incorruptible Seed can only come to the earth from God's Heart. It comes forth from God's Inner-most Self, it comes forth from God's Heart of sacrificial love. God gives a part of His Inner-most Life, (Self) to become a part of our inner-most self.
Come! Come! And behold the glory of God's Heavenly Seed as He comes forth within our earthly hearts!
___ The new resurrected life coming forth within a seed's shell, such as a tomato, a pepper, a melon, etc. starts very small, but as it grows it consumes everything within the seed's shell. It tears through the seed's body. It pushes up through earth's darkness, into the light, and keeps on growing, to bring forth fruit within the earth; then it fades away.
*Jesus is..............God's consuming fire of sacrificial love burning within our hearts!
___ The Incorruptible Life of God's Heavenly Seed comes forth within our hearts and consumes everything within us that is contrary to God's laws. It tears through the veil of sin that separated our hearts from God's heart. It pushes up through the darkness into Heaven's light and brings forth righteous fruit within the earth. It comes forth from God's Heart of love and returns back to God's heart of love.

Incorruptible Seed is..............Of Heaven: Heavenly!
* Jesus is…… . The Incorruptible Seed of God's Heart, sown within our hearts, being clothed in our human flesh.
The Incorruptible Life of God's Heavenly Seed is:
Not capable of decay.
Freedom from corruption.
Not marred by errors or alterations, (change)
 Death has No power over The resurrected life of God's Heavenly Seed!
Jesus' death and resurrection within the earth is the greatest miracle of God's creation!

___ Right here within our very own earthly hearts, Jesus takes upon Himself the sinful nature of our flesh for the very purpose of bringing it to death within us

___ Right here within our very own earthly hearts, Jesus patiently waits to go through death and resurrection with each one of us!

(Romans 6:5) For if we have planted together in the likeness of His death, we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection.

Oh, What A Sacrifice!

*Jesus Is..............Jacob's Ladder!
We are climbing Jacob's Ladder. For every step we take up the ladder, we must leave a part of the old selfish nature of our flesh on the step below.
Climbing Jacob's Ladder is going through death and resurrection with Jesus, our Great Messiah.
As a seed dies, new resurrected Life comes forth and grows.
The more we die with Him (turning the selfish nature of our flesh over to Jesus to be brought to death within us), the more we get to become a part of His glorious resurrection!
As Earth's First Born (the selfish nature of our flesh) dies, God's First Born (what is born of God's Spirit) grows, or experiences resurrection..
As Earth's First Born dies, God's First Born experiences resurrection! (grows within us).

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